Air Conditioner Repair Do's And Don'ts

Published: 06th May 2011
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As your air conditioner ages, there will naturally be some repairs along the way. Either from age or not performing the correct maintenance, if you are experiencing the below symptoms, you may need some repairs soon.

Air comes out the vents, but does not cool to the thermostat setting;

Air is coming out of the vents and the indoor thermometer reads higher than the thermostat setting;

Ice is visible and the system isn't running;

It is cool in one part of house or building, but not in the other;

Water leaks from the drain line or pan onto the floor, ceiling, etc.

If your system shows one of more of these symptoms, turn the air conditioning setting to "Off" at the thermostat and call a contractor right away for service and interim advice. Turning the system off could be especially important if parts of the A/C unit are frozen or producing unusual noises or odors. When an AC repair company visits your home or building, they will usually charge you in some or all the following areas: minimum trip charge, mileage costs, parts/supplies, hourly labor, and taxes. The repair company should be able to quote standard items such as a minimum trip charge and possibly a price per pound of refrigerant, etc. However, it is not realistic to expect them to diagnose the problem or estimate a total cost over the telephone. Air conditioning contractors will often give on-site price quotes for new systems for no charge, but trips for repair almost always involve a minimum cost charge.

It pays in many ways to plan ahead. You can interview several air conditioning contractors when choosing one to perform the regular maintenance on your system. It's much easier to have planned maintenance done yearly at your convenience than to call for repairs at random times of urgent need and extreme temperatures. Due to rising electricity costs, a well-maintained air conditioning system can easily outlive its economic life. If your system is more than about ten years old you should compare the costs and benefits of buying a new system before pumping a lot of repair money into an old one. If you are on the fence about opting for repair or replacing your air conditioning system, you will want to talk about this while setting an appointment with a local HVAC company.

Ductless & Windowless Air Conditioners

Some situations call for air conditioners that do not require ductwork. In the online search related portion of our research, we found a substantial interest in basic information on this topic. Examples of suitable applications include one-room additions, offices, or garage apartments, and in a commercial setting, motel rooms. Although the equipment costs more than window air conditioners and needs professional installation, ductless, windowless air conditioners offer some distinct advantages over window units. Because of their design, ductless windowless air conditioners:

Allow for a better view and allow more light into the room;

Preserve the option to open a window for ventilation;

Windows can be cleaned from both sides easily;

Don't impede an emergency escape from the window

To fill these needs, ductless air conditioners can be found in many configurations, including split, mini-split, slender, heat pump, and others. The features of these various systems determine where the equipment must be located, what equipment is inside the room or outside the wall, what equipment has to penetrate the wall, and more. Except for the absence of ductwork, the main components of these air conditioners work very much like the other units we described. Because of the variables and technical nature of the equipment, it needs professional installation. The same contractors and companies that sell ducted air conditioning systems usually stock or can order ductless equipment.


At HVAC Raleigh we believe an educated consumer will be a happy customer. For more free learning about your AC system, visit HVAC Raleigh.

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